Practicing The Sustainable Utilization Of Energy In Physics Classes Of Chinese Secondary Schools

When I was a junior high school student, I really had no interest in the ‘mysterious symbols and formulas’ taught in physics classes. This led me to graduate from high school and after many years of physics I only had the memory about the names of Einstein and Newton. Actually, I think that even people who are totally not interested in numbers and formulas need to get something useful for their future in junior high school physics classes. Read more

Educating for Sustainability: Teaching The Young Ones How ‘To Connect The Dots’

Rethinking and redefining our education

Living in our day-to-day modern world, we tend to get distracted by powerful, overwhelming capitalistic conveniences around us (as I am writing this, I have been checking my Instagram and Facebook feed several times). It takes effort for us to look around and analyse our daily actions. We are conditioned to think more about elements of our own comfort and our family’s than to consider aspects of what we decide to buy, post, wear, and do globally. We do not usually think where our coffee comes from, why supermarkets wrap their bananas individually in plastic or who made our I-phone 7. Read more