Teaching And Learning For Sustainability: Prepare Your Science Classes In A New Way!

‘Sustainability’ is not an unfamiliar word for most Chinese people. Since the Sustainable Development Strategy was put forward in the 1990s, this word has often appeared in the news, television and government reports. However, it is rarely presented from the people’s daily life and their behaviors. The main reason for the problem is that the platform of building the value of sustainability has been marginalized for a long time in Chinese education system (Xu, 2013). Science courses, which are designed to foster people’s scientific and environmental worldview in their early years, have been neglected by most people for many years in China. Read more

The Revolution Of My Educational Belief

There is a famous saying in China: “师者,所以传道授业解惑也” (Han,802A.D.), which means a teacher, one who could propagate the doctrineimpart professional knowledge,and resolve doubts. In my opinion, before 1000 years ago, I think it is. While with the development of human being, and the related items also become prosperous, such as technology, business, industry and so on. Read more

Inspiration From Green School In Bali

When I was in 10 weeks pre-sessional course, the teacher showed us a video, it was a thirteen-minutes speech named “My green school dream” by John Hardy (Hardy, 2018), it impressed me and attracted my interest to this project.  According to the speech and the website of the project, the green school in Bali was created to give children access to “real nature.” Read more

Educating For Sustainability In Shenzhen: Helping Younger Travellers Develop The Awareness Of Ocean Protection

Shenzhen is a city of immigrants, setting up a prime example of urbanization and rapid economic growth in China. It is one of the Special Economic Zones situated in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region under the Reform and Openness programs which have operated since 1978, concentrating on local political economic investment and growth (Lin, 2017). Read more

Education For Ocean Sustainability by Lingzi Xu

When I see the phrase “ocean for sustainability”, the first scene that comes into my mind is the documentary produced by Craig Leeson, a plastic ocean. The film demonstrates beautiful shots of the marine environment, where this contrasts with footage of heavily polluted cities and dumps full of plastic rubbish. Most plastics break into smaller pieces that can persist in beaches and oceans for a long period of time. From the film review written by Gary Truong, “These scenes show the facts that human’ action and choices indeed impact the oceans and the planet.” Read more