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Educating for sustainability

This first section is of direct relevance to students following the Educating for Sustainability module at the University of Manchester, but more generally, too. They will also be useful for students wishing to apply for the new MA Education for a Sustainable Environment.

Supporting schools and students in developing green schools

Sustainability and Environmental Education. This is an organisation that provides resources and training

The Mekong game was developed to encourage students to think about environmental development of a bigger scale. There are several articles about how the project worked

A useful introductory document from the University of Plymouth that explores sustainability into higher education, but a useful general guide, too.

Environment and Schools Initiative. Set up by the OECD as a network to encourage environmental education

The Global Forest Fund, set up by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Includes a variety of resources

A pdf on China’s ideas about environmental education

Two useful UNESCO pages with information and resources

The UK HE Quality Assurance Agency’s resources for educating for sustainability

This is a link to Advance HE’s resources on educating for sustainability

Higher Education (Consultancy)

ESD Consulting:

Higher Education (International)

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability:

The Platform for Sustainability Performance in Education:

Higher education links (UK) 

The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges: 

Sustainability in Higher Education Developers Group (SHED):  (Joining this group is free)

The Quality Assurance Council’s Guidance on Sustainability Education:

Open Sustainability in Education resource (Osier):

Learning resources 

Problem based learning: A case study of sustainability education

Critical thinking

The Post Carbon Reader: This is a series of articles, most of which can be read online via Scribd, about a range of topics in the field of sustainability. These will give you background information on topics that impact on sustainability:

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