Educating For Sustainability In Shenzhen: Ocean Protection Activities

There are plenty of kinds of creatures living in the sea, which is a huge system. And the whole planet relies on the sea. However, according to the recent report, our ocean is being destroyed by human behavior. So there is no doubt that it is really important to protect ocean. Shenzhen is a coastal city with a 257 kilometer long seashore rich in beaches. Read more

Inspiration From Green School In Bali

When I was in 10 weeks pre-sessional course, the teacher showed us a video, it was a thirteen-minutes speech named “My green school dream” by John Hardy (Hardy, 2018), it impressed me and attracted my interest to this project.  According to the speech and the website of the project, the green school in Bali was created to give children access to “real nature.” Read more

If I Had A Time Machine, I Would Like To Experience Interdisciplinary Sustainability Learning in Secondary International School

When I was a teenager, I learned a variety of different disciplines, focus on the one in which I am now specifically engaged as part of my further study. This personal experience of mine is not uncommon as is illustrative of how specialization can impact upon personal academic and career development on a global scale. Meanwhile, this, situation has changed and evolved much. Read more