Sustainability In Primary Schools: A Water Usage Project By Young People For Everyone by Alice Lambert

I would like to begin by talking about why I chose to study Educating for Sustainability upon commencing my Masters at the University of Manchester. It is an ambition of mine, that one day I will manage my own educational business, offering extra-curricular activities to educational contexts from Key Stage 2, through to sixth-form colleges. I wish to create my own curriculum encompassing all of the ‘life skills’ which all too often children and young people leave school and college without. As part of this curriculum, I would like to incorporate sustainability education, both financial and environmental. Read more

The Sustainable Development Of Sugar

Nowadays, education for sustainability as a course has been established worldwide, compared with traditional and boring reference book teaching, students need diverse approaches to learn sustainability like art has great potential in education for sustainability (Jonsdottir, 2017). In particular, this article describes how the art of sugar sculpture connects to the cultural and environmental education. Read more

Which Is Preferable ? Prevention Education Or Natural Calamity? By Weijia Zhang

When seeing the phrase “Education for Sustainability”, the first scene comes into my mind must be the first time I watched the video with my classmates in 2008 after the terrific earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province in China. Surprisingly, the video was not about the magnitude of the earthquake, it was just a simple and short video, which was the earthquake-precaution educational video. Read more