Teaching And Learning For Sustainability: Prepare Your Science Classes In A New Way!

‘Sustainability’ is not an unfamiliar word for most Chinese people. Since the Sustainable Development Strategy was put forward in the 1990s, this word has often appeared in the news, television and government reports. However, it is rarely presented from the people’s daily life and their behaviors. The main reason for the problem is that the platform of building the value of sustainability has been marginalized for a long time in Chinese education system (Xu, 2013). Science courses, which are designed to foster people’s scientific and environmental worldview in their early years, have been neglected by most people for many years in China. Read more

Piloting The Sustainability Grand Challenge

In May 2014 community of practice participants  met to discuss the UoM Sustainable World Grand Challenge pilot event. The event was piloted in order to gain insights into how to approach future ‘grand challenge’ signature events. The Sustainable World event is one of three potential ‘grand challenge’ events being considered as an offer to all UG students at the University. The first year event will address sustainability issues, and in the successive two years the topics will be ‘social justice’ and ‘work place ethics’. Read more

Educating for Sustainability: Teaching The Young Ones How ‘To Connect The Dots’

Rethinking and redefining our education

Living in our day-to-day modern world, we tend to get distracted by powerful, overwhelming capitalistic conveniences around us (as I am writing this, I have been checking my Instagram and Facebook feed several times). It takes effort for us to look around and analyse our daily actions. We are conditioned to think more about elements of our own comfort and our family’s than to consider aspects of what we decide to buy, post, wear, and do globally. We do not usually think where our coffee comes from, why supermarkets wrap their bananas individually in plastic or who made our I-phone 7. Read more

Equity In Higher Education And Sustainable Development In China by Minhui Chen

In this blog post, I aim to explore the issue of equity in higher education in mainland China from the perspective of sustainable development. The reason why I want to discuss this topic is that equity has become a worldwide concern in higher education system. Recent years, China has made stable progress in higher education conforming to the trend of the world. Read more