Explore The Climate Changing In Los Angeles: Transformative Learning And Sustainability by Ran Wang

With integrating the idea of environmentally adaption solutions with the educational practice, the article indicates the challenges of implying transformative learning into the context of contemporary social and ecological unsustainable conditions. In particular, this article drawing Los Angeles on example- of what environmentally-friendly solutions are identified and advocated to adapt the local climate changes, and how it necessarily connected to innovative learning environments outside the constraints of conventional education. Read more

An Initial Reflection On Language Sustainability And Trilingual Education In Hohhot, Inner Mongolia by Dan Wang

I was born, raised and educated in Inner Mongolia, as well as later teaching there, having been too accustomed to making decisions and judgements according to my first language – Mandarin, and due to my lack of basic terminology and excellent language competence to present new language clearly and efficiently in English or Mongolian, I used to adopt Mandarin to assist teaching English. Read more

Education for Sustainability Into A Primary School: Biodiversity Conservation Activities

Biodiversity, as one of the important parts in sustainability, has getting more and more attention. My learning context is a primary school near Poyang Lake in China, and the activity is using place-based learning to raise pupils’ awareness of biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Here, I will explain how I have thought about ways of applying place-based learning into educating for sustainability in my learning context. Read more

Educating For Sustainability In Shenzhen: Helping Younger Travellers Develop The Awareness Of Ocean Protection

Shenzhen is a city of immigrants, setting up a prime example of urbanization and rapid economic growth in China. It is one of the Special Economic Zones situated in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region under the Reform and Openness programs which have operated since 1978, concentrating on local political economic investment and growth (Lin, 2017). Read more

Practicing The Sustainable Utilization Of Energy In Physics Classes Of Chinese Secondary Schools

When I was a junior high school student, I really had no interest in the ‘mysterious symbols and formulas’ taught in physics classes. This led me to graduate from high school and after many years of physics I only had the memory about the names of Einstein and Newton. Actually, I think that even people who are totally not interested in numbers and formulas need to get something useful for their future in junior high school physics classes. Read more