Integrating intergenerational learning into an anti air-pollution context by Ke Dong

The nature of intergenerational learning and how does it enhance and further the goals of the education for sustainability has become to a burgeoning interest recently. Maybe people are not very familiar with the concept of intergeneration and sustainability, here I will use my personal experience of air pollution to illustrate how I apply intergenerational learning to the education for sustainability. Read more

Teaching Primary School Children Sustainability Through Place Based Learning

In the past, I thought environmental sustainability meant to do more recycling; however, listening to lectures on sustainability has provoked a change in my thoughts and led me to think more deeply about the subject. Sustainability, as I understand it, is the ability to meet current needs without infringing on the ability of future generations to meet their needs (Gruenewald, 2003). Sobel (2004) also supports the idea that sustainability goes beyond the necessity of environment.

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Sustainable Global Citizenship Through Learning The English Language by Samaher Alharrasi

As rapid technological development is making the world “a small village”, English has been adopted as the global language of that world village. Hence, it makes lots of sense to utilize English as a medium for the discussion of global issues (Khondker, 2011, cited in Schulzke, 2014, p. 225). I work as an English language teacher at a private college in Oman. I teach high school graduates who join the foundation program prior to starting their credit-bearing courses. Read more

If I Had A Time Machine, I Would Like To Experience Interdisciplinary Sustainability Learning in Secondary International School

When I was a teenager, I learned a variety of different disciplines, focus on the one in which I am now specifically engaged as part of my further study. This personal experience of mine is not uncommon as is illustrative of how specialization can impact upon personal academic and career development on a global scale. Meanwhile, this, situation has changed and evolved much. Read more

From Garbage Classification To Sustainability In China

The context and integration of a focus on sustainability

The importance of garbage classification has not drawn enough attention from the public in China. Many students are not well aware of whether a certain kind of garbage is recyclable or not including me before coming to the UK. In the final presentation, I choose to design a geography class in primary school about garbage classification.

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