Educating for Sustainability: Teaching The Young Ones How ‘To Connect The Dots’

Rethinking and redefining our education

Living in our day-to-day modern world, we tend to get distracted by powerful, overwhelming capitalistic conveniences around us (as I am writing this, I have been checking my Instagram and Facebook feed several times). It takes effort for us to look around and analyse our daily actions. We are conditioned to think more about elements of our own comfort and our family’s than to consider aspects of what we decide to buy, post, wear, and do globally. We do not usually think where our coffee comes from, why supermarkets wrap their bananas individually in plastic or who made our I-phone 7. Read more

The Ultimate Challenge: An Organic Development

A significant challenge in developing sustainability education is to ensure the approaches used to do so are themselves sustainable. The presenters at the CoP meeting on the 18th February (Bland Tomkinson, Rosemary Tomkinson, Helen Dobson, Fumi Kitagawa, Alexander Clark, Veronica Sanchez and Anna Hiley) discussed ways in which this challenge has been addressed at the University of Manchester and in collaborations with other UK and international institutions. Read more

Everyone Should Involve In Educating For Sustainability; WHY? by Mei Ting Yang

I am an English teacher teaching young learners (under 12) English in an educational institution in Taiwan. Before I studied the MA course, Educating for Sustainability, in the University of Manchester, I had never paid attention to sustainability issues in my daily life. Moreover, I had no idea about the importance of EFS (Educating for Sustainability). Teaching sustainability was totally new for me as the curriculum we had in Taiwan did not focus on this area. Thus, I did not understand why language teachers should teach sustainability and what and how it might influence the young learners in my context. Read more

Inspiration From Green School In Bali

When I was in 10 weeks pre-sessional course, the teacher showed us a video, it was a thirteen-minutes speech named “My green school dream” by John Hardy (Hardy, 2018), it impressed me and attracted my interest to this project.  According to the speech and the website of the project, the green school in Bali was created to give children access to “real nature.” Read more