Explore The Climate Changing In Los Angeles: Transformative Learning And Sustainability by Ran Wang

With integrating the idea of environmentally adaption solutions with the educational practice, the article indicates the challenges of implying transformative learning into the context of contemporary social and ecological unsustainable conditions. In particular, this article drawing Los Angeles on example- of what environmentally-friendly solutions are identified and advocated to adapt the local climate changes, and how it necessarily connected to innovative learning environments outside the constraints of conventional education. Read more

Which Is Preferable ? Prevention Education Or Natural Calamity? By Weijia Zhang

When seeing the phrase “Education for Sustainability”, the first scene comes into my mind must be the first time I watched the video with my classmates in 2008 after the terrific earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province in China. Surprisingly, the video was not about the magnitude of the earthquake, it was just a simple and short video, which was the earthquake-precaution educational video. Read more

Everyone Should Involve In Educating For Sustainability; WHY? by Mei Ting Yang

I am an English teacher teaching young learners (under 12) English in an educational institution in Taiwan. Before I studied the MA course, Educating for Sustainability, in the University of Manchester, I had never paid attention to sustainability issues in my daily life. Moreover, I had no idea about the importance of EFS (Educating for Sustainability). Teaching sustainability was totally new for me as the curriculum we had in Taiwan did not focus on this area. Thus, I did not understand why language teachers should teach sustainability and what and how it might influence the young learners in my context. Read more

Sustainable Global Citizenship Through Learning The English Language by Samaher Alharrasi

As rapid technological development is making the world “a small village”, English has been adopted as the global language of that world village. Hence, it makes lots of sense to utilize English as a medium for the discussion of global issues (Khondker, 2011, cited in Schulzke, 2014, p. 225). I work as an English language teacher at a private college in Oman. I teach high school graduates who join the foundation program prior to starting their credit-bearing courses. Read more