Sustainability In Primary Schools: A Water Usage Project By Young People For Everyone by Alice Lambert

I would like to begin by talking about why I chose to study Educating for Sustainability upon commencing my Masters at the University of Manchester. It is an ambition of mine, that one day I will manage my own educational business, offering extra-curricular activities to educational contexts from Key Stage 2, through to sixth-form colleges. I wish to create my own curriculum encompassing all of the ‘life skills’ which all too often children and young people leave school and college without. As part of this curriculum, I would like to incorporate sustainability education, both financial and environmental. Read more

Integrating intergenerational learning into an anti air-pollution context by Ke Dong

The nature of intergenerational learning and how does it enhance and further the goals of the education for sustainability has become to a burgeoning interest recently. Maybe people are not very familiar with the concept of intergeneration and sustainability, here I will use my personal experience of air pollution to illustrate how I apply intergenerational learning to the education for sustainability. Read more

An Initial Reflection On Language Sustainability And Trilingual Education In Hohhot, Inner Mongolia by Dan Wang

I was born, raised and educated in Inner Mongolia, as well as later teaching there, having been too accustomed to making decisions and judgements according to my first language – Mandarin, and due to my lack of basic terminology and excellent language competence to present new language clearly and efficiently in English or Mongolian, I used to adopt Mandarin to assist teaching English. Read more