The Living Lab

On  October the 15th the community discussed ways of integrating campus or city-based sustainability related activities and projects into the curriculum, and the potential value of ‘place-based’ activities within the curriculum.


The Living Lab is keen to support such activity and Ross Jones presented the work of the Living Lab.  Ross introduced the Living Lab approach and how it can be used to facilitate collaboration and innovation in cities and on the campus. He demoed the Living Lab website (  and discussed what it offers to staff and students. He discussed the  key role students can play as agents of change, and how Living Lab is working to facilitate more student-led sustainability projects on campus and in the city.

See Ross’s Powerpoint here: The Living Lab


Sustainability skills and the workplace

Phrases such as ‘the circular economy’, ‘creating shared value’, ‘social responsibility’ and ‘negative externalities’ reflect growing company/organisational concerns around socio-environmental issues. On June 18th, 2014, the UoM Sustainability in the Curriculum Community of Practice (CoP) focussed on this theme discussing:

  • the understandings and skills graduates need to help develop the sustainability initiatives of companies/organisations;
  • how the academic community can help students develop these understandings and skills;
  • How the importance of such understandings and skills can be conveyed to students;
  • how the importance of such understandings and skills can be conveyed by students to staff

A summary of points made during the meeting can be found here:


Sustainability skills and the workplace